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L32 Review

Today we go over the concepts and skills learned so far in the class and provide an overview for the last few weeks of the class.

Also, hw6 will be the last homework assigned and you will be encouraged to revise your previous games to get additional credit.
The homeworks consisted of 4 games (hw2,4,5,6), one UV textured object (hw3) and one video tutorial (hw1).

Please use the homework resubmit form on the main page to let me know when you want your homework regraded (you will be asked to describe what changes you've made!)

I encourage you to go back and revise your previous homeworks using all of the skills and concepts you've developed so far. For example, you can use the modeling techniques we explored when creating car models to redo hw3. This will let you create something more interesting than a simple cube. Likewise, you can go back to the virtual worlds homework and add lots of different buildings, floors, etc.

After Thanksgiving Vacation, we will jump into advanced game design techniques using the Python programming language and you will be encouraged to use what you learn to create more interesting versions of your four different games.