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L11 The Game Tetrad

Every game has four aspects that are all important:
  • aesthetics - the look and feel of the game including visuals, sound, and haptic feedback
  • story - what is the game about, what is the player trying to do and why?
  • mechanics - how does the game work, what are the rules
  • technology - what kind of technology does the game rely on

In this course we will focus mostly on mechanics, but we'll touch on the other three as well.

For HW3 you will work on the aesthetics of the game by following the UV texturing tutorial to learn
how to create a photorealistic texture for a cube and then creating your own library object (e.g. a wall
or a building or a grassy plain) using that technique. You should upload the blend file to your portfolio
page on hw3.

We will also continue to discuss the Sensor/Controller/Actuator model in class and explore it a little
more deeply.

Finally, we'll show how to attach a camera to our avatar and get a first person view of the scene!