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L05 Virtual Rube Goldberg machines

Wed 9/14/2011 Brandeis University

Video of today's lecture is at http://dennett.cs-i.brandeis.edu/talks/typcosi/L05.mov
Key Concepts Covered:
  • Grouping and Linking blender objects (and the costs and benefits of this approach)
  • Screen recording
  • Use of Google Docs to share text, links and videos
  • Review of Blender View manipulation (zooming, panning, revolving, ...)
  • Review of Blender Object transformation (translating, rotation, scaling)

Learning Objectives:
at the end of this class the students will be able to
  • create a blender library object (e.g. a domino or a gameboard)
    • required skills include creating a new group
    • adding elements to a group
    • saving a group of blender objects to a blend file


  • All students add link to their google site portfolio pages to a shared google document listed on the home page
  • Walk through the creation of a library object containing a ball, domino, and gameboard, each in their own group, with materials for each specifying color and elasticity. Demonstrate the ball bouncing on the gameboard and the domino falling flat without bouncing. Save the library object for tomorrow!