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hw5: customizing logic bricks

Due: Wed 10/26/2011

The goal of this homework is to give you the opportunity to learn how to create and customize logic bricks.
The plan is to have you modify your hw4 game (or create a similar one), but to make several modifications as listed below:
  • add to the avatar controls by using WSAD to use force and torque to move the avatar forward/back and turn left/right.  This will let you compare the feel of using force to the feel of using linear velocity.
  • add keyboard commands for the number keys 1,2,3 which switch between different cameras. One camera should be the one parented to the avatar and you will need to create, place, and name two other cameras. This allows the player to switch between different views easily.
  • add a new play level to the game, so the user has to complete two levels before winning.
  • link in some new "jewel" objects which are worth 5 points each.
  • change the number of points need to win from 6 to something higher, and place more jewels in the scene so they can get to that number.
  • give the buildings a property (called "building") and add a sound effect when the avatar hits a building
  • You should use all new objects and floors and change the background music and sound effects.
  • Feel free to change the story, it doesn't have to be about picking up gold bricks...
  • Be creative and try extending the game in simple but interesting ways, e.g. you could link-in some jenga-style bricks to create a collapsible tower, or you could create a scene that takes place indoors.
What to submit
You create a hw5 page which has
  • a one paragraph description of how you completed your project and in particular, you should note which parts you completed (and how) and which you did not fully complete (and what problems you confronted...)
  • two screenshots embedded in the page
  • a short video showing the game play for your game
  • an attachment which is a zipped version of your cityquest5 folder
    • the main blend file should have a credits.txt area giving your name and date and the license (I suggest Creative Commons Attribution). It should also give credit and links for all of the music, textures, and anything else you used and didn't create yourself.  If you build on top of cityquest, then say that...
    • the main blend file should be saved in a "ready to play" mode with the 3d window open and in object mode (not edit mode) and the camera zoomed in appropriately. The credits.txt area should also be visible.
Peer Grading
You will also be required to "grade" the homeworks of 4 of your peers using some software that Deepali and I are building with two other MA students. You'll also grade your graders! We'll talk about this next week.

Starting Game Set
You should start from your homework 4 or you can start again from the original cityquest.zip file attached at the bottom of the hw4 page.