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Let's start with introductions. My name is Jordan Brown and I am a student of theatre, music, and French at Brandeis University. I am creating this site as part of a lab section of my Performance Studies Theater/Theory class. Eventually, this site will be a part of the mapping Brandeis Project, hopefully contributing something to the world. This class centers around performance theory, covering a wide range of subjects and behaviors.

As a performer, I wanted to take a closer look at the spaces, performances, and strips of behavior that have influenced me. My life as a performer is essentially defined as a series of auditions and rehearsals, all building towards some final polished product, and then beginning the cycle again after the grand performance. Something that I have not frequently had the chance to do, primarily because I am usually the performer, is audition others. I first had the opportunity to do this as a part of my a cappella group, Starving Artists, when we were looking for new members this fall to replace those who had graduated. For the first time in my life, I got to witness at least 60 different people fighting nerves, sickness, and new-to-college apprehension and intimidation, just to see if they had what it took to be a member of my group.
What struck me more than the behavior of the persons auditioning for the group was my own behavior:
1. How I molded it based on those in my group around me, who had sat through auditions in past years
2. How I reacted as a comment on my own past audition scenarios from the other side of the table
3. How my behavior changed from the beginning of auditions on the first day to those at the very end of the last day
With this site, I hoped to examine the space within Slosberg music center that we used for this set of auditions, and how the setting of listening in on auditions influenced my strips of behavior. Make sure to come prepared!

 If you need to get in contact, please email me. Find out more about me. To see and learn more about the performing arts at Brandeis, visit  the Mapping Performing Arts blog.