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Space Pirates The Game

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The year is 2008, the year of the horse. Nobody on earth saw it coming; especially the horse.

The lizard people from ThePlanetFarAway came and forever changed the trajectory of human civilization. An evil empire, the Fardron Syndicate, known across the universe as race-enslaving planet-destroyers, descended upon earth for giggles. Little did they know, the humans just discovered a (relatively) primitive technology that allowed them to navigate human machines through space with a special force field. With this new technology, a small group of lucky humans were able to escape before Earth’s destruction and they became known as the United Earth Movement (UEM). Soon however, without enough resources and organization, the group fractured. Several elements within the UEM broke off and resorted to space piracy in order to survive.

One of these groups, with their pirate ship, Grace O’Malley, and their fearless captain Conquistador, decided to devote themselves to vengeance and began to plunder any small Fardron vessels they would come across. One day, they plundered a Fardron explorer ship and happened upon a galactic space map with the coordinates of a planet similar to earth that was marked for destruction. They had an idea:

If they could get to the planet and find life, they could possibly ally with the natives and join them in the noble defense of their planet. If they find the planet to be devoid of intelligent life, they might be able to terraform it and create a new Earth. Their only problem was the planet was too far away and without inter-galactic travel technology, they would never make it. Only the Fardricates have the ability to travel such great distances with the power of the Claque of Fortuity.

The legend of the Claque spans millennia of greed and power. No single civilization has controlled the Claque for more than a number of years until the Fardricates harnessed its magic more than five centuries ago. The Claque is a shard of Poseidon’s soul, and since inter-galactic wormholes are (obviously) Poseidon’s domain, the Fardron Empire had a monopoly on this sort of space travel.

By chance, a relatively unguarded Fardron ship happened to be transporting the Claque in a nearby sector. The Fardrons never suspected any threats to be nearby since the human pirate ship did not give off the galactic emissions more advanced space ships did and thus moved undetected by Fardron scanners.

If Captain Conquistador and his crew could just sneak up on the Fardron ship and steal the Claque of Fortuity, they might be able to accomplish their daring plan. They could gather the rest of the broken human race in a matter of hours and once again emerge as the United Earth Movement.

Our protagonists must navigate through unknown sectors of space and all their dangers and anomalies while successfully battling and plundering evil alien ships for their advanced technology in this epic space opera.

While the pirates’ actions only promotes backwards progress and structure in the outer-space community, their mission is nevertheless exciting, heroic, and a symbol for all that stands in the face of those who have more.

Space Pirates The Movie

Space Pirates The Game can be downloaded at the following link:

An alternate link to the file can be found at:

The .zip file contains all the .blend files used. In addition there is an executable file you can use to play the game, which we recommend. It is called SpacePiratesGame.exe

We also recommend the use of a mouse. Press SPACE to move forward from instruction pages.


Jonathan    Wexler

Miguel    Atienza

Jeremy      Croll