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lecture 15

Wed 3/9/2011

Topic for the day - Polynomials in Matlab/Octave

Video for today's lecture is at http://dennett.cs-i.brandeis.edu/cs177/L15
Sample code from today's lecture is at http://www.brandeis.edu/~tjhickey/cs177/L15

Read: Chapter 8 on Polynomials, Curve Fitting, and Interpolation

Learning Objectives.
At the end of the class, students should be able to
  • explain the way Matlab/Octave represents polynomials as lists
  • describe how polyval(p,x) works and write a function to implement it
  • define the roots of a polynomial and properties of the roots
    • explain why roots(poly(L)) = L
    • explain why poly(roots(L)) = L
    • know how to predict the number of roots of a polynomial
  • understand the convolution c=conv(p,q) and deconvolution [q,r]=deconv(u,v) of vectors
    • relationship to multiplication/division of polynomials
  • describe how to take the derivatives of polynomials in matlab/octave
    • q=polyder(p)
    • k=polyder(a,b)  (the derviative of a*b)
    • [n d]=polyder(u,v) (the derivative a a/b will be n/d)