Final Product


Welcome to Quantum Escapement!

You're not entirely sure how you got here. 
The last thing you remember was playing around with some wave equations and the next thing you knew you were here.

Everything seems to still be in one piece.
You're a bit more...purple than you remember...
And your lab is a bit more...more than you used to remember...

But it will be okay. You just need to figure out how to get out of here!
Use your intelligence to escape the room by solving puzzles to find anti-matter keys. Each room is more treacherous than the last.
Good luck!

Game Mechanics:

A keyboard is required to play.

Arrow keys - navigation through terrain
Space bar - jump (with double jump as well)
W - tilt character forward (only available in certain levels)
S - tilt character backward (only available in certain levels)
F - action key (can be used to interact with keys, doors and other objects
H - help screen

Download link:


Original Soundtrack by Sarah Costrell


Old Paper:
Dungeon Hallway:
Pirate Flag:
Construction Fractal:
Light Fractal:
Fractal Flowers:
White Lily:
Abstract Rainbow Pattern:
Glass tiles:

Good Noise (Key Pickup): Tim Hickey, Intro to 3D Animation (COSI-1641)
Paper Flip:
Explosion with debris: