Lotus Goldberg
Brandeis University

Undergraduate Program in Linguistics (Undergraduate Advising Head)
MS Program in Computational Linguistics (Director of Graduate Studies)
Director of the Syntax Research Lab


Volen Building, Room 252

Phone:  (781) 736-3265

Fax [shared]:  (781) 736-2741

Email: lmgold at brandeis dot edu

Note:  Like the other Linguistics & Computational Linguistics Faculty, I am teaching and working remotely for the Spring 2021 term, and so will not be physically on campus.

Mailing Address

Brandeis University Linguistics & Computational Linguistics Programs

415 South Street, MS 018

Waltham, MA  02453  USA

Spring 2021 Office Hours for Course & Degree Advising

To be announced once classes begin!