Letter of Understanding

LATTE Update Project - Beta Participant Letter of Understanding

Thank you for your interest in being a Beta Participant. New LATTE will be launched in advance of the Spring 2014 Semester; before it is launched, we need testers from the Brandeis community to assure New LATTE is working as intended and to give Library & Technology services feedback.

Beta testing will occur in August & September 2013.

As a participant, we wanted to let you know something about what to expect.

First, we wanted to let you know what “Beta” means in Information Technology (IT) projects. Creating software is analogous to building a house. You progress through a series of phases starting with the foundation, then framing the walls, etc. Beta is the phase when, as a future resident of the house, you are able to walk through and start to see what it will really look like when it is finally done. But, the house is still an active construction site and not acceptable for anything more than a short visit. This is because the house may still have missing walls, light switches that do not operate and workers asking you to move out of the way so that they can finish.

The benefit of your participating in the Beta phase is threefold. First, you will be helping us to identify errors that we may have missed. Second, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts with us on the updated LATTE. Finally, as a future user, the largest benefit goes to you, in that seeing and experimenting with the updated LATTE will give you a headstart on understanding what you will need to do when “move in” day arrives.

So come and join us during Beta-LATTE.  Though we do not want to scare you off, we do want you to keep in mind that:

  • you should participate with the expectation that at any point in time your work may be lost without the possibility of recovery and/or transfer to the completed system

  • the system may become unavailable or slow to respond without warning for undeterminable periods of time

  • course materials and other types of information may be incomplete, inaccurate or out of date

  • we will be learning along with you and may not know the answers to your questions

We hope that these risks will not deter you from participating, but we felt that it was important to alert you to the possibilities.

Please indicate your acceptance and interest in being a Beta participant by completing the registration information below. We will then contact you with further information to guide your participation.

Thank you.