My academic training is in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (S.B. MIT, 1981; Ph.D. Stanford Univ, 1987). I taught Chemical Engineering for several years. After a break to spend some time with my very young children, I returned to academia at Brandeis, currently as Senior Research and Technology Specialist in the Division of Science.

What does that mean? I do what needs to be done -- on a regular basis, I am involved in
  • Designing and maintaining databases. A major project is tracking students and postdocs throughout their careers, often to help with data collection for traininggrants
  • Helping spread the word about news, events and science at Brandeis. See the Science @ Brandeis news site (blog). E-mail me if you want to contribute to the blog.
  • Helping faculty, staff and student researchers with computer, software, and IT issues. I have been known to troubleshoot software and hardware problems and to intimidate reluctant computers back into action. For advice on various topics, see the Div Sci Knowledge Base. To ask for help on a computer issue, posting your question on the Brandeis Tech Forum is a good starting point. 
  • Tactical and strategic planning for the Division of Science, especially in the midst of its current administrative reorganization.

The best way to reach me is to e-mail karel @t brandeis dot edu -- if the brandeis e-mail or network is broken and you're wondering if I might know why, try karelsf @t gmail dot com or karelsf @t comcast dot net -- if all h*ll has broken loose with email, tweet to @karelsf.

The Brandeis directory might have more information about me.

You can sometimes find me in Volen 210 (inside the Center for Complex Systems office).
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