Yiting Li's Homepage

My name is Yiting Li and I am PhD student of the mathematics department of Brandeis University. My advisor is Mark Adler. My research interest focuses mainly on the theories of random matrix and random planar map. Before coming to Brandeis I got my bachelor and master's degree from Peking University. This semester (Spring 2017) I am the c
ourse assistant
 of Math 37a (differential equations).  

Office: Goldsmith 311
Email: yitingli@brandeis.edu  

  • 2003--2007: B.S. in math, Peking University.
  • 2007--2010: M.S. in math, Peking University.
  • 2011--2017(expected): PhD in math, Brandeis University.
  • (with Xin Sun and Samuel Watson) Schnyder wood, SLE16 and Liouville quantum gravity, in preparation.
  • Rigidity of eigenvalues for beta ensemble in multi-cut regime, arxiv:1611.06603.
  • (with Xin Sun) On fluctuation for random band Toeplitz matrices, Random Matrices Theory Appl. (2015), arxiv:1412.5232.
  • Menage numbers and Menage permutations, J. Integer Seq. 18 (2015), arxiv:1502.06068.
  • (with Dangzheng Liu, Xin Sun and Zhengdong Wang) A note on eigenvalues of random block Toeplitz matrices with slowly growing bandwidth, Statist. Probab. Lett. 81, 2026--2019 (2011), arxiv:1108.2810.
  • (with Dangzheng Liu and Zhengdong Wang) Limit distributions of eigenvalues for random block Toeplitz and Hankel matrices, J. Theoret. Probab. 24, 1063--1086 (2011), arxiv:1010.3191.
  • Fall 2016: Math 10a (Differential Calculus)
  • Summer 2016: Math 15a (Linear Algebra)
  • Fall 2015: Math 10a (Differential Calculus)
  • Fall 2014: Math 10b (Integral Calculus)
  • Spring 2014: Math 10b (Integral Calculus)
  • Fall 2013: Math 10a (Differential Calculus)