Google Apps Transition, Summer 2011

Brandeis University is working with Google to provide a broader array of services to the Brandeis community in the coming year. To pave the way for these improvements, we ask for your help this summer. 
Resolving Conflicting Accounts

Conflicting Accounts Overview

If you've ever signed up for one of Google's consumer services (such as Blogger or Picasa) using your Brandeis email account, you'll need to rename that account so that it doesn't conflict with your Brandeis Google account. This will only apply to a small percentage of Brandeis account holders. Renaming your account will ensure that all of the information you've stored remains available to you.

If you have received an email notifying you that you have a conflicting account please click here for instructions.  

Multiple Account Sign-in

Multiple Sign-on Overview

After the Google Apps transition on August 7th, in order to use a personal Gmail account ( as well as your Brandeis Gmail account ( in the same browser (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari), you must enable the Multiple Sign-in feature.

Enabling multiple sign-in is a simple process outlined here.

If you are using multiple accounts, we recommend signing into your personal account first for seamless use of Google Apps products.

Note: You can alternatively use more than one Google account by signing into one account at a time.