Consumer Apps

Google Consumer Apps are now available for your Brandeis account! After you enable these Consumer Apps, you will be able to log in to Consumer Apps such as Blogger, YouTube, Maps, Reader, and Picasa with your account.

Opting in to Consumer Apps

Consumer Apps can be enabled by navigating to Account Tools.

Consumer Apps are an opt-in service and will never be required in order to access any Core App.

Contract Differences

All Brandeis accounts with Google access have access to our Core Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Contacts, Sites, Chat, Video, and Groups). Our Core Apps are governed by a contract between Brandeis and Google (Brandeis login required).

Additional Google Apps (Consumer Apps such as Blogger, YouTube, Maps, Reader, and Picasa) are governed by a contract between YOU and Google. If you would like to use these Consumer Apps with your account, you will need to agree to Google's Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy, which govern these Consumer Apps.

If you turn on the Consumer Apps, your Core Apps (Gmail, Calendar, etc.) will still be governed by the contract between Brandeis and Google.

Support for Google Consumer Apps

The LTS Help Desk can assist with the opting in process, accepting the new ToS, and receiving mail in third-party mail clients (e.g. Thunderbird, Apple Mail).

The best resource for support is the Google Help Center, which contains official Google support documentation for all Google services.


Why use my Brandeis account for Consumer Apps?

It may be more convenient for you to use the Brandeis account you log into every day to access these Consumer Apps. It also allows you to maintain separation between your Brandeis and personal accounts; for instance, if you would like to share a Picasa album with your class, you may prefer to share it using your account rather than your personal account.

Will I still be able to access Consumer Apps if my Brandeis account is closed?

No, once you leave the University, you will no longer be able to access both the Core Apps and the Consumer Apps.