This is a rough syllabus of the topics we will cover in the course.

Week 1 (Wed 1/18) INTRO
Introduction to 3D Game Design, Animation, and Modeling.
Introduction to the Blender UI using the Jenga meta-game
Course mechanics -
   creating a google site, uploading screen recordings, peer review,
   uploading screen shots,
Course requirements
The transmedia project
HW1 - download Blender and play some games

Week 2 (Mon 1/23, Wed 1/25) Games 1
Working with a Physics Engine
Modular design using groups and linking - information hiding and abstraction
HW2 - Creating a Virtual Domino World and recording a movie with a flying camera

Week 3 (Mon 1/30, Wed 2/1) Games 2
Aesthetics of Game Design
UV texturing
Game sound tracks and sound effects
Creating linkable objects from 3d models
HW3 - creating a library of textured objects for use in games

Week 4 (Mon 2/6, Wed 2/8) Games 3
Mechanics of Game Design
Logic bricks and avatar design
HW4 - creating a library of quest-based games

Week 5 (Mon 2/13, Wed 2/15) Animation 1
Mechanics of Game Design
Exploring the Sensor/Controller/Actuator space
Animation and Action in Game Design
Keyframing and F-curves
HW5 - creating a 3d game with animated characters and objects

Vacation Week (Mon 2/20, Wed 2/22)

Week 6 (Mon 2/27, Wed 2/29) Modeling 1
Modeling architecture and household objects
Reflection and Refraction
HW6 - Create story boards for your final project which is a game and movie

Week 7 (Mon 3/5, Wed 3/7) Animation 2
F-curves, Keyframing and Animation

Week 8 (Mon 3/12, Wed 3/14) Modeling 2
Modeling and rigging organic characters
Creating Action Libraries

Week 9 (Mon 3/19, Wed 3/21) Animation 3
Lights, Camera, Action
Controlling camera motion and orientation, light motion and properties,
and sound effects.
Directing animated movies using Action Strips and the NLA

Week 10 (Mon 3/26, Wed 3/28) Games 4
Creating new levels/sets using Python coding
Advanced game control using Python coding

Week 11 (Mon 4/2, Wed 4/4) Modeling 3
Python coding to create large models

Vacation Week (Mon 4/9, Wed 4/11)

Week 12 (Mon 4/16, Wed 4/18)
Film and Game Festival

Week 13
(Mon 4/23, Wed 4/25)
Film and Game Festival