Project ideas

This course will culminate with a 3d game, animation and modeling festival where teams of 2-3 students will present a transmedia project they have created that consists of an animated movie, a 3d game, a short story, and possibly other related artifacts, all built around the same theme. Ideally, the theme that you choose would be related to some issue of global importance. To help you come up with a theme, I'm including some ideas and links to sites that might be helpful for stimulating your creative process. If you have links to share, please send them to me...

You will need to pick your project by week 6 (but its a good idea to select a project earlier so you can have longer to work on it).

  1. This is a competition to create a media artifact to help teach kids about the dangers of cancer from smoking and/or exposure to UV rays.

STEM education

  1. Develop applications to teach some concepts from science, technology, engineering or mathematics to students at some level from kindergarten through high school.