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L21: Blender Game Tips

Game Demos from hw4b

  1. Yang Zhou's game shows interesting way to create variety of "foes"
  2. Jeremy Slossberg's game show's nice lighting in a maze and another "foe" methodology
  3. Ophir Silverman's Roll for Cheese

Observed Problems in hw4b submissions and their solutions:

  1. too many faces (high poly objects)
  2. using default clipping planes
  3. creating a scene with no lights
  4. using default lighting in a large scene
  5. using position instead of velocity or force (or force with max velocity set)
  6. interacting with linked-in objects
  7. using pitch, yaw, and roll controls -- or how to get completely disoriented!
  8. not setting "Make All Paths Local"
  9. not setting "Pack into Blend"
  10. too slow avatars (or too fast avatars)
  11. building 2D games using 3D technology
  12. troubles with "End Object"
  13. .... open mike .... any others

Blender in the Browser

Here is a demo of a chrome plug in that will run simple blend files....


and here is some info about how to build 3D Games using Blender that run in the Chrome browser


Recording Game Dynamics in an IPO

We show how to create a simple scene with ball rolling down a ramp to knock over a tower. Then we show how to record the IPOs of the non-static elements of that scene and use those IPOs to create a high quality animation with textures, reflective and refractive materials, camera motion, etc. This can be useful if you have some particular scene that you want to render with realistic physics..

Simple Animation directly from Physics Simulation

Similar animation but with nice materials and textures

Timothy Hickey,
Apr 16, 2012, 5:43 AM