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hw4b: first game

Due Wednesday 3/7/2012

For hw4b you will create a simple blender game that is an initial version of the game you described in hw4a
and you will need to include several blender features we will list later.  The full game description should be
available on Friday but you will need to:
  • use a certain specified list of logic brick features (though you could use more than what is on the list)
  • write a "tutorial" or a "the making of" essay that describes how you created the game
  • include screenshots and a short screen recording as usual
  • include a description of how your game meets the particular requirements
  • attach your game to the page
  • write peer reviews of three other games in which you actually play the game and give some feedback to the creator.

Details are below ...

Part I. Game Requirements

You should create a blender game with the following features:

  1. An avatar that is controlled by keyboard commands or by the mouse
  2. Several levels including
    1. an opening screen with a title
    2. a level 1 scene
    3. a level 2 scene
    4. a win scene that congratulates the player for winning and lets them play again
    5. a lose screen that commiserates with the player and lets them play again
  3. In level 1 you should use several of the logic brick sensors and actuators including
    1. keyboard sensors
    2. collision sensors
    3. property sensors
    4. motion actuators
    5. scene actuators to change the camera
    6. scene actuators to switch to another scene
    7. property actuators to change property values
    8. sound actuators for sound effects and for a soundtrack
  4. The game should keep score (and display the score) and advance to the next level if the score is high enough.

Part II. Tutorial with Credits

You should create a tutorial explaining how you made the game and be sure to give proper credit to every game asset that you did not create yourself (e.g. any models you downloaded, textures, sound effect or soundtracks you used, tutorials you followed, etc.)

The tutorial should be at the level that someone who is in the class would be able to recreate your project by following your instructions.  Don't give low level instructions (e.g. press CTRL-P to parent the camera to the object ...), but assume the reader is well acquainted with the topics we've covered in class (e.g. I parented a camera to the avatar ...)

Part III.  What to submit.

You should create a hw4 subpage of your google site which contains the following elements.

  1. the story behind your game -- what is the game about?
  2. the mechanics of the game -- how do you play the game? How does the player control the avatar? How do they win? What is the challenge of playing the game?
  3. two screenshots from the game
  4. a short 30 second demo of playing the game (not so much instruction as promotion!)
  5. a zipped folder containing the .blend file attached to the page and all the other files that are needed (e.g. linked in blend files, sound files, python scripts)
  6. a link to your tutorial

Use this page to submit a link to your googlesite:


Part IV. Peer Reviews.

We will provide a peer review link as with hw2. This will give you links to three peers whose work you need to review using a rubric that will be provided on the website. In addition to checking to see that the hw4 meets the requirements, the peer review will ask questions about the "playability" of the game and what makes it "challenging" and exciting.

I strongly suggest you build this incrementally starting with a simple "minimal viable product" and gradually adding features.