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hw4a: game storyboard

Due Wednesday 2/15/2012


This homework is a quick exercise (it shouldn't take you more than 1-2 hours) due this coming Wednesday.
The goal is to have you think about what you have learned about the capabilities of Blender and to use that knowledge to create a proposal for a Blender game together with a description of how you would go about creating it. 

Here is an example of a "B" proposal https://sites.google.com/a/brandeis.edu/cs65a-tjhickey-homework/hw4a---game-idea that meets
the minimum requirements...

How to submit

You should submit this, as usual, as a new page on your google site labeled hw4a.
Please add a link to your toplevel CS65a googlesite using this form:
This will allow us to easily see your hw4a (as well as all your other homeworks...)

What to submit

Your story description should consist of the following parts:
Title - what is the title of your game
The Story - what it the story behind the game, what is the player trying to achieve and why
The Aesthetics, i.e. Setting and Characters -
     where is your game taking place, what are the aesthetics of your scene and your characters (if any), what is the ambience? Is this a
     spooky game, or a light and playful game, or a action packed thrilling game, or a pensive, thoughtful game, etc.
     You should sketch out a sample scene, scan it in, and upload it to your page so we get a visual idea of what you are planning.
The Mechanics - how does the game work? what can they player do? how does the game respond to the players actions?
The Challenge - what kind of challenges will confront the user and engage their creativity and/or skilful game play
The Soundtrack - what kinds of sounds will be featured, will there be a soundtrack

For hw4b you will need to implement a part of this game using a number of the blender logic brick features we've discussed in the past two weeks. The rubric for hw4b will be published Wednesday and you'll have two weeks to complete it.