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Undergraduate Training in Computational Neuroscience

(as part of our R90 training grant from NIDA)

Requirements to fulfill the program:
  • complete a major in the Division of Science.
  • complete NBIO 136, Computational Neuroscience 
  • complete at least 1 additional computational course (QB110, BIO 135, NPHY 115, COSCI 148, BIOL 107 or other course with committee’s permission)
  • complete NBIO 140 Principles of Neuroscience
  • complete at least 1 additional NBIO or NPSY course
  • complete at least one semester of statistics (Biostatistics, Mathematical Statistics, Psych Stats, COSCI 177, BIOL 107, if not used above).
  • conduct an undergraduate research project, resulting in an Honors Thesis in the student’s major.
  • attend and participate in Systems/Computational Neuroscience Journal Club
  • spend at least one summer in residence at Brandeis, doing research and participating in the Division of Science Undergraduate Research Program
  • attend and participate in CONT 300, Responsible Conduct of Science
  • have monthly lab notebook conferences with graduate student mentor.
  • attend at least one appropriate international meeting, such as the CoSyne Meeting or Society for Neuroscience Meeting.