About the Club

Club Description

The purpose of Work in Progress is to educate its members and meeting attendees in improvisation technique. More specifically, through semester-long training sessions, coffeehouses and Improv Marathons members will build their confidence in performing long and short-form improv. During workshops, members will be encouraged to take risks and experiment with their own improv skills, while also being open to improvement in the skillsets of focus in each workshop. Work in Progress also serves as a platform for improv-enthusiasts who would like to tryout for the groups on campus, Work in Progress included. Meetings are open to everyone, and are to be taught by trained improvisers, selected and renewed every semester. Work in Progress will also be in touch with professional Improv Troupes in Boston. Field Trips will include Improv Jones, Improv Asylum and Improv Boston performances in Boston and Watertown. Within a given budget, members from these professional comedy troupes will also be hired to attend meetings and give constructive suggestions.

General Information

Website: https://www.facebook.com/mondayswithmorrie?fref=tshttps://www.facebook.com/groups/468227059911973/
Contact: Conor Amrien
Mailing List: https://lists.brandeis.edu/wws/info/work_in_progress

Club Status: Chartered

Club Administrators

Conor Amrien - President