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Club Description

VoiceMale is Brandeis University's award-winning all-male a cappella group. Founded in 1994 by Josh Namais, the group travels coast-to-coast performing a mix of rock, pop, R&B, oldies and more at a wide variety of venues including colleges, high schools, charity events, and private functions.
As a traditionally small collegiate group, VoiceMale emphasizes the role of every individual in creating a full, balanced sound. Members of VoiceMale share the philosophy that all components of a song are equally important, and their arrangements strive to reflect that with voice parts that are distinct and interesting, yet always complementary to one another. This allows the group to showcase the uniqueness of its members' voices and, at the same time, their ability to work together as a unit. While staying true to these fundamentals, VoiceMale constantly aims to grow and improve by building upon the foundation laid by members past.

General Information

Website: http://www.brandeisvoicemale.comhttps://m.facebook.com/brandeisvoicemale/?tsid=0.05704766255803406&source=typeahead
ContactBrandon Less
Club Status: This is a recognized club. That means that it can use University resources but cannot request
                       funding from the Finance Board.

Club Administrators

Ben Astrachan - President
Abram Foster- Music Director
Brandon Less- Vice President
David Dropkin - Internal Business Manager
Marek Haar - External Business Manager


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