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Club Description

SEAC stands for Southeast Asia Club. We are a chartered culture club at Brandeis University aiming to foster awareness of the unique and diverse cultures of the countries in Southeast Asia. We receive funds from the University that allow us to put up various events during the academic year. These events serve to share the traditions of Southeast Asia through games, activities and lots of food! SEAC is dedicated to creating a safe space that allows for learning and friendship.

Our purpose is to create and promote awareness of the cultures and traditions of Southeast Asian countries at Brandeis University. In order to explore the various cultures, we host events that share the traditions of Southeast Asian countries through games, activities, and food. We want to create a space that allows for learning, acceptance, and friendship among those who share our same interest in Southeast Asia.

We take pride in our small but strong community of students who not only enjoy partaking in cultural events, but also meeting new people. We promote acceptance of all cultures and values, and enjoy students of all ethnicities in our events for SEAC is by no means an exclusive club. In fact, most of our members are in fact not Southeast Asian.

When you join SEAC, you join a family of amazing and welcoming Brandeisians! So, please drop by anytime for a few minutes or for the full event time and get to know the wonderful members of SEAC!

General Information

Website: http://seacbrandeis.tumblr.com/http://seacbrandeis.weebly.com/
ContactKenneth HongJamie Soohoo
Mailing List: https://lists.brandeis.edu/wws/info/seac

Club Status: Chartered

*Intercultural Center-affiliated

Club Administrators

Kenneth HongPresident
Jamie SoohooVice-President
Kevin WangTreasurer
Chi DuongCo-Event Coordinator
Jennifer SunAYALA Coordinator


Aug 25, 2015, 11:25 AM