About the Club

Club Description

The purpose of the Russian Club is to provide a forum on campus and in the Boston area for celebrating and raising awareness of various aspects of Russian culture, including, but not limited to: Russian food, music, films, and traditional holidays. The club’s goals are to unite anyone interested in Russian culture and to provide a means for communal interaction as well as the continuation of Russian culture on campus. With these goals in mind, the club will hold meetings, host campus-wide events, go on trips, and work in conjunction with Russian clubs at other local colleges.

General Information

ContactHannah Germaine
Mailing Listhttps://lists.brandeis.edu/wws/info/russianclub

Club StatusThis is a chartered club. That means that it can use University resources and can request funding from the Finance Board.

Club Administrators

Hannah Germaine- President
Kristen Foaksman- Vice President/Treasurer
Sophie Lis- Secretary
Liza Korotkova- Culture Coordinator
Gabriella Torrijos- Publicity Coordinator
Charlie Flomenhoft- Publicity Coordinator
Yan Shneyderman- Publicity Coordinator
Chantal Tepper- Publicity Coordinator
Benjamin Benson- Publicity Coordinator


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Dec 15, 2015, 10:21 AM