About the Club

Club Description

The purpose of the Hobby Hour Club is to foster an environment where students can experience new hobbies that they would not be exposed to otherwise. This is an important endeavor in order to broaden students’ extracurricular knowledge beyond the structured clubs and extracurriculars that they are already involved in. This will provide a setting for existing clubs to teach students the basics of their hobbies and skills so students can decide if that is a hobby they would like to learn more about in the future. Other experts on campus will also be recruited to teach (for free) their activity of expertise. The ultimate goal is to give students opportunities to experiment with hobbies and gain exposure to skills that they otherwise would not have a chance to try out because of a novice level of experience.

The Hobby Hour Club intends to achieve its purpose through weekly or biweekly hour long sessions of teaching and hands-on learning of new skills each time. 

The Hobby Hour Club seeks to capitalize on existing clubs, individuals and skill-sets in the Brandeis community, as well as occasional outside volunteers.

General Information

Website: https://www.facebook.com/TheBrandeisHobbyHour
:  Jenny Weil
Mailing List: https://lists.brandeis.edu/wws/info/hobbyhour

Club StatusThis is a chartered club. That means that it can use University resources and can request funding from the Finance Board.

Club Administrators