About the Club

Club Description

The Brandeis University Emergency Medical Corps’ (BEMCo) goal is to ensure the health and safety of all university students, faculty, staff and visitors while on campus. 

As the providers of emergency medical services (EMS) on this campus, it is our organization’s commitment to provide our members with the highest caliber of medical education, so they can serve the university with excellent patient care. 

BEMCo pledges to continue its tradition of providing a venue for students to serve their community and grow as leaders within the Brandeis community.

We believe EMS is a unique and distinct public service. As a fully student-run organization we will stay committed to ensuring proper collaboration and unity in all that we do and promise to conduct all aspects of our business with integrity while adhering to the ethical standards of our profession. 

 Please direct all emergency calls to the Brandeis University Police at x63333

General Information

Location: Stoneman building

Club Status: Secured Club

Club Administrators

Abraham Cheloff - Director 
Amanda ShiltonAdministrative Officer
Allison LewisOperations Officer
Matt O'LearyTraining Officer
Katherine DorfmanTreasurer 
Michelle Serafino - Secretary 


Feb 11, 2014, 11:43 AM