About the Club

Club Description

Deis3D exists to bring 3D Printing into the Brandeis community. We want to make emerging technologies easy and engaging, allowing our members to enrich our school. Our mission is to bring ideas to life, making the digital, physical. We offer trainings on our numerous 3D printers, and allow students to use our equipment and materials for free. We hope to foster an environment of creativity and collaboration, connecting students, staff, and faculty, to share expertise and make exciting projects. We hope to push the envelop for what’s possible at Brandeis by embracing our member’s passion to make.

Deis3D is open to all members of our community, undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff alike. We don’t expect you to have any experience with 3D Printing or design.

General Information

Website: deis3d.org, https://www.facebook.com/deis3d/
ContactGabriel Seltzer

Mailing List: https://lists.brandeis.edu/wws/info/3dprintingclub
Office Location and Phone: MakerLab (Library), 781-736-4758

Club Status: Chartered club

Club Administrators

Youssef Fahmy - President
Claire Sun - Vice President
Gabriel Seltzer- Senior Advisor
Samuel Bernheim- Treasurer
Bronson Gardner- Administrator


Jan 22, 2015, 7:34 AM
Aug 25, 2015, 1:49 PM