Declaring a Biology Major

In order to declare a Biology major at Brandeis, follow these steps:

Important notes (please read this first):
You will need your SAGE ID and your list of planned courses
Log in with your Brandeis ID (the first part of your email) and your password
Use a non-Firefox browser (Safari, Chrome or IE/Edge are all fine)
Connect from on campus ONLY (or VPN first, see - use the instructions to install Junos Pulse, not a one time connection)
Please be patient - it saves frequently so that you don't lose anything, but it makes it a little slow

1. Fill out the Bio Major Worksheet found here.
Having thought about what classes you might want to take before you log in will be helpful and you will definitely need your Sage ID number (20******), a list of the major requirements (the current checklist is here), and list of classes in the University Bulletin.

If you have any questions about the form, experience any problems or have feedback, please send them to Jessica Maryott (jmaryott).

2. After completing that form, you will be emailed the link a Google calendar to set up an appointment with a Biology faculty member. There are plenty of slots available - pick one that works for you! Be sure to make note of the time and the location of your appointment. 

If you have any trouble using this form or questions about it, please contact Jessica at