The Biology Department
The biology department has 29 full-time faculty members with teaching and research interests in the fields of genetics, molecular biology, development, immunology, neurobiology, motility, cell biology, and structural biology. Students have the opportunity to become
posterintegral members of research laboratories in the department. A rich schedule of colloquia and seminars features faculty from around the world talking about current research. 

Degrees Offered
Two different degrees are offered. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology provides students with a general background in biology and provides flexibility with fewer requirements for quantitative and physical science courses. The Bachelor of Science degree in Biology is an intensive biology option that provides students with a strong background in several areas of biology and is recommended for students pursuing a career in research. 

The New Biology Curriculum
The undergraduate degree programs in Biology have been revised for students matriculating in Fall 2013 or later.

The cornerstone of the new curriculum is the introduction of a new three semester set of courses: BIOL 14a (Genetics and Genomics), BIOL 15b (Cells and Organisms) and BIOL 16a (Evolution and Biodiversity). This sequence replaces the existing two semester sequence BIOL 22a/22b, and employs the latest pedagogical principles for teaching Biology. At the same time,
 the expanded course sequence will help cover additional material, not covered in core courses in the past, that premedical students will need for the new MCAT exams.
The new courses can be taken in any order, and are designed to be accessible to freshmen. Students who take these courses early in their stay at Brandeis will have opportunities to take more advanced, specialized courses, and to work as integral members of research laboratories in the department during their junior and senior years.