Welcome to the Brandeis Bio-Inspired Design Google Site. 

What is "bio-inspired design"? Bio-Inspired design can mean a lot of different things. Broadly speaking, bio-inspired design is simply using nature as an inspiration for new creations. It is acknowledging nature as the ultimate "designer" of this world and applying natural concepts to novel ideas. Bio-inspired design appears in robotics, materials science, architecture, art, and product design. Bio-inspiration is what drives complex projects-like the robotic elephant arm seen above. This technology can be used in factories to increase efficiency and safety. But bio-design is not limited to complex machines. Bio-inspiration is what led to the invention of velcro, a seemingly simple fastener that was conceived when Swiss Engineer George de Mestral's dog got covered in burdock burrs on a hunting trip. Nature offers us endless possibilities for creation, and we're only beginning to develop this inter-disciplinary field of study.

On this site, you'll read about how undergraduate students at Brandeis University have investigated biology inspired design and created their own bio-inspired products.