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BASO seeks to culturally empower African students and the student body at large to become socially, politically, and critically aware of African Cultures. Our goal is to enter the complexities of Africa as a continent by looking at the diversity of each country, and to understand these diversities through a sociopolitical and sociocultural lens. 

Through the use of discussions among members, intercultural events, and interactive workshops, myths can be dispelled and dynamic understandings will be revealed. Africa is not just Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Congo, Rwanda, Nigeria or Mali, there are numerous countries that constitute her very essence. 

Despite the overarching goal, even if this club leaves some with only a glimpse of Africa- the food, the music, a language-, at least students will have gotten a salient and actual insight into a continent of many but a place of 

Sweet Africa

What's the Best About Our Club?

BASO is open to all members of the Brandeis University community.