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ProNav Widgets


Using ProNav widgets can save you time and allows for any changes made to the catalog later on.

To add a ProNav widget, make sure you are in your chosen static block and select 'Insert Widget' from the button options above your content window.

You will be presented with a popup window. Click the drop down select next to 'Widget Type'. You will then see the suite of ProNav widgets available for you to use in your drop down.

After making your selection, you will be give a few different scenario's. Below is a list of the each widget with a description and how to proceed to the next step for each option.

  • ProNav Catalog Category Href Value
    You can select a category from your catalog and the widget will output the link and the name of the category within your drop down.
  • ProNav Catalog Category Image Item
    Pull the image uploaded to your category into your drop down 
  • ProNav Catalog Category Item
    If you just need to show the category name, without a link, choose this widget 
  • ProNav Catalog Product Href Value
    Choose a product from your catalog to show in your exploded nav with a link straight to the product 
  • ProNav Catalog Product Image Item
    You may want to add a product image from your catalog into your drop down.
  • ProNav Catalog Product Item
    If you just need the name of the product from your catalog, but without an image or link, you can use this ProNav widget. 
  • ProNav Category Subcategories
    Choose this widget to show a list of all the subcategories contained within a category.