ProNav extension works seamlessly with Magento ‘Static blocks’ to deliver a fully customizable mega-drop down navigation for your online store.

ProNav 3.0 New Features
  • Compatible with jQuery version 1.8.2
  • Ability to Enable and Disable load of jQuery (useful if you have jQuery elsewhere)
  • Ability to Enable and Disable load of jQuery Easing (useful if you have this loaded elsewhere)
  • Animate drop down menu with jquery.easing plugin and choose from a range of easing methods
  • Define the width of ProNav within configuration
  • Choose the position of ProNav, default (to header), left sidebar, right sidebar or in the content
  • Choose from a range of pre-installed themes, or create your own using your own stylesheet
  • Primary navigation items now support non linked items (primary navigations which may only have a drop down and not needed to click through)
  • Drop down menus can now be aligned to either left or right relative to navigation item, as well as to ProNav beginning and end
  • Ability to set "no-follow" on primary navigation items