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Installation & Configuration

What can I use ProCategory for?

ProCategory is used to automatically assign products to categories based on the attributes and filters you choose. It saves you hours of time needing to manually assign products, and enables you to create targeted categories with ease.Here are some examples:
  • Populate a category with new products.
  • Populate a category with on sale products.
  • Populate a category with ... any custom rule that you need.

System Requirements


  1. Make a full backup of your Magento website and database. ProCategory creates and modifies database records so you will need this should you ever wish to restore. This includes those upgrading the module.
  2. Disable all caches.
  3. Flush all caches.
  4. Disable Magento compilation.
  5. Put the store on maintenance mode, and unzip the extension files into the Magento website directory.
  6. Log out and back in again.
  7. As an administrator, go to the Catalog menu. You should see an entry called ProCategory Rules.


ProCategory works by assigning products to categories based on the rules you select. It does this the 'Magento Way' so you can continue to work with categories as normal. Rules are applied after you save a product, on demand, and automatically at 1AM via cron.

Creating a Rule

Rules allow you to select a combination of attributes and values, and have products matching those conditions be assigned to categories of your choice. The attributes must have Use in Rules Conditions set to Yes.

To create a new rule, go to Catalog > ProCategory Rules and click on Add New Rule at the top right. 

  • Rule Name and Description are your choice.
  • The Status field allows you to choose whether or not you want this rule to be applied. You can create rules in advanced of needing them, for example preparing a rule for a promotion or sale. You set it to Active when you want it to be applied.
  • The Strict setting means you can either just add products to a category (No), or add products to a category and remove products that do not match the rule (Yes). It should be noted that setting strict to Yes cannot be undone once the rule is applied. 
  • New Filter will only assign products that are currently marked as new (the Set Product as New from/to Date attributes). On Sale Filter does the same for products that are currently within the range specified by the Special Price From/To Date attributes. New and On Sale Filters are applied before Conditions.
  • Limit specifies how many products you want to assign. The default - empty - means there is no limit and all products matching the rule will be added to the category/categories.
  • Match Child Products allows you to choose whether you want to assign parent products to categories based on matching child products. 
  • Match All Child Products (used with Match Child Products), allows to you to choose whether you want all child products to match for a parent product to be assigned to a category.
The Conditions tab allows you to specify what products are to be assigned. If a product matches these conditions, it will be added to the category or categories you select. 

Under the Categories tab, select which category/categories you want matching products to be assigned to.

You can either apply this rule immediately (with Save and Apply). If you just click Save a message will show letting you know that rules need to be applied. Applying the rule created above turns the originally empty Test Category category into:

You can see that some bundle products have appeared, as they contain children (CPUs) which match the rule.