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Your Donation Counts!

Your JRFH donations make a difference for research and education that help decrease disability and death from heart disease and stroke in your community. Here are some examples of how your donations are used.

$25=can provide educational materials to 50 people on the risks of heart
disease and stroke.

$30=provides one pediatrician, nurse or emergency healthcare provider with the specialized training to recognize and treat cardiovascular diseases in infants and children.

$50=can provide a scientist with the opportunity to participate with peers in the latest cardiovascular disease and stroke research through a professional membership for one year.

$100=can equip one hospital or health department with American Stroke Association resources to educate patients, the public and health professionals about stroke — our No. 3 killer and a leading cause of disability.

$200=can deliver our innovative 30-minute CPR program to 10 community residents, who can then teach this lifesaving skill to friends or loved ones —extending these skills throughout their community.

$300=can provide our 100-page Recipes for the Heart cookbook to 75 consumers in your community to teach heart-healthy ways to prepare food.

$500=can teach more than 1,200 children how to avoid obesity and live longer, stronger lives through our nutrition and exercise materials for kids.

$1,000=can introduce 500 women to our Go Red For Women movement and empower them to take charge of their heart health with a red dress pin, cholesterol/blood pressure/weight tracker and other health information.

$10,000=can enable 10 hospitals to implement our Get With The Guidelines quality improvement program to improve outcomes for heart and stroke patients. Hospitals participating in Get With The Guidelines have demonstrated sustainability and continuous quality improvement in patient care.

$25,000=can fund a one-year Pre-doctoral Fellowship to help a medical student begin a career in heart or stroke research. Research is the starting point for all scientific advances. Pacemakers, new forms of surgery and lifesaving drugs could not have been developed without thousands of hours and thousands of dollars first spent in research. The American Heart Association is proud to have funded research that has led to these and other important breakthroughs.