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Jump Rope for Heart

2018 Jump Rope Recap

Information For JRFH 2017-2018 is below!!
Jump Rope For Heart 2017-2018 Raised close to 6,700 making Branchburg Townships 19 year total over 252,600 Dollars.

Dear Parents/Guardians:


 During January & early February our Physical Education classes will be geared toward Jump Rope activities, and Jump Rope for Heart, to help raise funds for the American Heart Association. Each grade level will work on various jump rope skills and routines. All the activities take place during the regularly scheduled P.E. classes and all students participate whether involved in the fundraising or not. No volunteers will be needed for the activities taking place.


This Fundraising offers many benefits.  First, the money our school raises will help fund potentially lifesaving research into heart and blood vessel diseases as well as stroke, our Nation’s number 1 killer.  It will also fund the development of educational materials that teach our children the importance of heart health and staying fit.  In addition, our school will earn gift certificates for physical education equipment!  


Jump Rope For Heart will benefit your child, too!  Besides being fun, it teaches jump rope skills and the importance of physical activity and community service.  This is a wonderful opportunity to combine the act of community service with a healthy lifestyle?


Finally, Jump Rope For Heart builds school spirit and helps connect our school with the community.  A beautiful banner will proudly hang in our gymnasium to display our commitment and support.


Your child will be given a JRFH envelope packet, which they can use to secure donations. If your child choose to participate in the fundraising please return the packet and donations before January 31st.  Once again, we stress that children not go door to door by themselves, or ask strangers for donations.  All checks should be made payable to “The American Heart Association.”  Also, you may wish to inquire as to your company’s matching gift program.  That is a wonderful way to “double” your child’s efforts on behalf of the American Heart association.  


Children will have an opportunity to earn thank you gifts based on the support they receive.  This is explained in detail on the envelope the children will receive in P.E. class.  The children can also go online, create their own Jump Rope For Heart webpage, and email friends and relatives, offering them the opportunity to support your child in his/her endeavor.  Just visit americanheart.org/jump.  Many students have enjoyed the experience of creating a webpage!!!!!!


We are hoping that many students are interested in participating.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every child earned a jump rope?  Imagine the fun and physical benefits they would receive!


If you have any questions about Jump Rope For Heart, please let us know.                      

Thank you for helping make an impact!!!         

2017 Jump Rope Video