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Fitness Assessment Videos

Shuttle Run

Evaluation: (Agility/Quickness) Students perform 4 shuttles of 30 feet demonstrating the ability to transfer weight, change speeds, and change directions. Stopwatch score.

Leg Lift

Evaluation: (Abdominal/Core Strength & Endurance) Students lie down in a supine position with both legs extended approximately 12 inches off the ground. Students attempt to hold this position as long as they can while keeping their hands under their glutes to support their backs. Palms must be facing down.

Vertical Jump

Evaluation: (Leg Power) Students stand with their shoulder next to the wall and feet shoulder width apart. The student reaches up and finds a start #. The student then will jump as high as they can and touch a new #. Subtract the start # from the jump #. (measurement is done in inches)

T Test

Evaluation: (Agility/Quickness) Students will sprint through a 4 cone course in the shape of a T. The students must go around the designated cones in the proper pattern as quickly as they can. Stopwatch score.

Push Ups

Evaluation: (Upper Body Strength) Students perform proper push-ups (fingers under shoulders, straight line from heel to head, 90 degree bend in the elbow). Push-ups are performed to a cadence of 3 seconds, and must be proper technique.

Broad Jump

Evaluation: (Leg Power) Students stand with feet shoulder width apart and attempt to jump as far as possible while landing safely without shifting and stumbling. The measurement is taken from the start line to the nearest heel . (Inches)

Sit and Reach

Evaluation: (Flexibility-hamstring/lower back) Students sit on the floor with legs straight out in front of them (feet 12 inches apart). Students attempt to reach as far as possible with one hand on top of the other while keeping legs straight. (Device provides scoring)