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Daily Life Skills Rubric

Exceeding Standards, Above and Beyond = 4

Consistently maintains a high level of focus and active listening by demonstrating eye contact and following directions. Quietly raises hand and regularly contributes appropriately to class discussion. Smooth transitions to all exercises and activities. Strong effort throughout the duration of the warm-up and lesson. Always displays a high level of respect towards classmates and teachers by providing positive comments and kind gestures. Provides assistance to students when appropriate. Proper attire upon entering the gymnasium.


Meeting the Standards = 3

Maintains a positive attitude and follows directions the first time given. Respectful to classmates and teachers. Performs activities with effort and demonstrates cooperation. Occasionally contributes to class discussion. Proper attire.


Approaching Standards, Developing = 2

Follows directions most of the time but not always. Demonstrates a lack of focus by talking out or disrupting class. Provides minimal effort towards activity.  Rarely participates in class discussion. Unprepared for class by not having appropriate attire.


Not Meeting Standards = 1

Rarely provides any effort. Displays a negative attitude towards classmates or teachers. Multiple disruptions. Chooses not to participate or come to class prepared.