BCMS Newspaper Club
advisor- Mrs. Hobbs

All Year
before school on Tuesday mornings at 7:15 am
*there will also be Editor and Layout meetings Mondays after school throughout the school year.

If interested, email:
  Are you interested in joining this talented and enthusiastic group? 
Email Mrs. Hobbs!

Information an Editor-In-Chief 
The school newspaper is called the Falcon Gazette and it is completely created by students. There are many jobs to choose from in the paper. You can write, edit, take pictures, come up with the layout, or do multiple jobs. The students decide what they want to cover, whether it’s sports, entertainment, school news, contests, or any idea that comes to mind. Typically we meet on Tuesday mornings, but you don’t have to attend the meetings to be in Newspaper. If the teacher who runs newspaper knows that you want to join and what job you want to do, you can simply contact the teacher to find out what you’re assigned to do (unless you want to be a layout editor, because all of the layout is done in the meetings). Of course, if you don’t have to do anything else when the meetings take place, it’s always better to attend, especially since that means you get to decide what topic you want to cover. Every year, an 8th grader who has been in Newspaper for all three years is picked to be chief editor, and they get to run the newspaper. It is an honor to be picked and a really exciting job. It is a great way to meet new people and try new things. When I joined in 6th grade, I only wanted to write. Now I am a writer, editor, I take pictures, I do the layout, I am chief editor, and I love every minute of it. Newspaper is a lot of fun, no matter which job you pick.