The Playoff Baseball Game scheduled for 5/23 vs Clinton will be at Field 17 for a 3:45 start  

The Playoff Softball Game scheduled for 5/23 will be at Franklin Middle School starting at 4pm. 

The Playoff Boys Lax Game scheduled for 5/23 will be at JP Case Middle School starting at 4:00pm. 

Please check the game schedules as they are updating daily

Athletic Director: Mrs. Kristen Cardona  

Contact: Kcardona@branchburg.k12.nj.us 

Overview Video Tutorial

BCMS SpringSports Reminders and Helpful Tips:

Spring Sports Information: 
The fall sports season is approaching. If your child is interested in participating in Boys or Girls Lax, Softball, or Baseball please make sure the following forms are submitted on Genesis and to our School Nurse by Feb 18, 2022.  

 This allows our nurse to get approval from our school physician. 
2. Health History Forms  (new form as of 6/18/20 due to Covid-19 mandates).
3. Parent/ Student Permission Form 
*  found on Parent Genesis and indicate sport of interest   

My child participated in a previous BCMS season sport, do I need to do anything?   
Yes. Please complete and submit the following forms: 
1. History Form - click here for a copy!  
2. Parent/ Student Permission Form 
*  found on Parent Genesis and indicate sport of interest   

Where do I find all these forms in Genesis?: 
Skip to 1:20 for information related to forms. 
(This tutorial was created by the previous athletic director)

What if I miss the deadline?: 
In the event you miss the deadline to submit the physical form, you will need to: 
1.  Reach out to our school nurse.
2. Take your child's physical form to our school doctor's office for approval once their physical has been completed.

If you miss the deadline, it will be your responsibility to deliver the physical form to the school physicians for their review and then to return the form to the BCMS Health Office prior to the try-out date. The school physician will need at least 72 hours to review your child's documents before they are ready for pick up.  Failure to comply will result in your child being ineligible to try out for the sport desired. 


Please review the completed physical form to ensure that all medical information has been provided.  Incomplete forms, with areas left blank, will be returned to you for your follow up with your physician. 

NOTE:  Physical Examination and History Forms may be downloaded above or from the Health Services website @ www.branchburg.k12.nj.us  -> Look for Departments at the top toolbar…Select Health Services…Select Health Services Forms from the left toolbar…Physical Examination Form - Athletic Physical Form (Grade 6 to 8) (the History Form is included with the Physical Examination Form). The school physicians are:

Hunterdon Family Medicine at Bridgewater

250 Route 28 - Suite 100

Bridgewater, NJ 08807

 Phone number:  908-237-4135

FAX:  908-237-4136

Will my child be allowed to participate if they are missing anything? 
No Forms Will Be Accepted After Feb 18, 2022

Student Drop-off and Pickup Reminders

1. Students are permitted to drop off their equipment in the locker room no earlier than 7:57 am.
2. Parents and guardians are not permitted to park in the bus lane in front of the school

3. Students not picked up on time will be sent home on the late bus (departs around 4:45 pm)

Practices and Games
1. Practices begin immediately after school and conclude at 4:45 PM.
2. Games begin at 4 PM unless stated otherwise on the team website.
3. There is no late bus when students return from games.
4. Game end times vary: home games usually conclude between 5:15-5:30 PM. Students usually return from away games between 6:00-6:15 PM.

To play ALL SPORTS at Branchburg Central Middle School follow the

2022-2023  Calendar of Sports Deadlines


Interscholastic Sports:






Physical Exam Deadline


Physical Exam Deadline


Physical Exam Deadline



  August 5, 2021


Dance Team



October 7, 2021

Boys' Lacrosse

 February 10, 2022



  August 5, 2021


Boys' Basketball


 October 7, 2021

Girls' Lacrosse

  February 10, 2022

 Boys’ Cross


  August 5, 2021


Girls' Basketball

 October 7, 2021

Boys' Baseball

 February 10, 2022

 Girls’ Cross


  August 5, 2021





  October 7, 2021


Girls' Softball

  February 10, 2022



State law requires that a current, cleared PHYSICAL EXAMINATION form be on file in the health office for a student wishing to try-out/participate in a specific interscholastic sport.  The physical examination shall be conducted within 365 days prior to the first practice session (try-out session).  It is highly recommended that your primary care physician complete the Physical Examination, however, the student's parent/guardian may choose either the child's own private physician or the school physician to perform the physical examination.  To make arrangements for a sport physical examination by the school physicians, please call Hunterdon Family Medicine at Bridgewater at 908-237-4135.


For each individual sport season (Fall, Winter, Spring) your child wishes to try out for, you must complete a new, current


Helpful Health Tip:  Make a copy of all your child’s health-related forms and store them in your child’s medical file at home.  This should include your child’s completed physical examination form, history form, physician reports (primary care physician and specialists), physical education excuses written by your child’s physician, dental reports, and any other documents you receive regarding the health of your child.


Fall and Spring Sports - Information for Spectators

Unlike winter sports that are inside the school and have adult supervision provided by BCMS, we do not provide students with spectator supervision for spring after school activities.  Since the earliest time, a game will start is forty-five minutes after school is dismissed, all students need to leave school following their usual dismissal routines.  Students with adult supervision are encouraged and welcomed to come back to school to cheer our teams on at the game at the start time. Please do not send permission slips that your child can stay for a game as your child will be sent home under their normal routine. Thank you for your understanding and support of our teams.