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Teaching Philosophy 

            I hope to give students a love of science and an appreciation of its importance in their world (and possibly in their future career.)  Science should be exciting, hands on, varied, fun, challenging, and provoke a student to question what they think they know.  Both math and writing are critical skills for students and the course content is important as a building block for high school. Please call or e-mail if you could come in and share ‘science’ from your world!   



         Students are frequently asked to use the internet to reseach topics in science. During the course of the research, they will encounter articles written at high school and college level. It is crucial that students learn to paraphrase the information they are reading and to omit information they don't understand. If a student can paraphrase, then they are learning from what they are reading. Too often students copy from web sites without understanding the content and change a few word to 'make it their own.' This is plagiarism and students will receive a 0 on any assignment that copies even one sentence. For my projects, the only acceptable quotes are something a famous person said.