What is ICE? 

Students who do not choose Band, Choir or Strings for Enrichment block will participate in ICE(Interest Clusters for Enrichment). Students in ICE choose each quarter from a variety of special topics. These clusters meet twice a week, are ungraded and encourage students to try out a new area of interest with other interested peers in a small group setting. Fall topics range from Advanced Art to Beach Volleyball and Greenhouse Planting to Tennis.

During interest clusters for enrichment (ICE), groups of students come together weekly because they share common interests that bind them together and a willingness to work cooperatively within a relatively unstructured learning environment.  ICE takes place during the Enrichment Block which also includes the options for Band, Choir and Strings. Enrichment Block meets twice a cycle in place of one PE and one Encore class in a student's schedule.

How It Works
The guidelines for enrichment clusters are easy to follow. First and foremost, all cluster activity is directed toward the production of a product or service. Enrichment clusters are not mini-courses! There are no unit or lesson plans. However, a series of start-up activities help students find and focus a problem that the majority of the group wants to pursue.

  1. Before EVERY marking period, students with ICE will indicate their preferences online for Enrichment Block. Based on students' selections, they will be assigned to a cluster the marking period.
  2. Every effort will be made to put students in ONE of their four choice options and schedule students in their first choice at least twice per year.
  3. Students who do NOT follow selection instructions will be scheduled LAST.
  4. Students who are performing below grade level, may be assigned to an  Language Arts or Math prep group during ICE.
  5. Students will choose new clusters at the END of EACH marking period. 

Questions? Contact Mrs. Updegrove, BCMS Schoolwide Enrichment Teacher (ICE coordinator). 

See current ICE choices, and signup online 
during signup week.


Please complete the evaluation form at the end of your ICE cluster.