Pyramid of Enrichment

Pyramid of Enrichment -- Levels of Services

A “Levels of Services” approach is the framework around which the Branchburg Township School District’s gifted education program is built. Elements of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model, and differentiated instruction in general education classrooms are integral to this overarching framework for Enrichment in the Branchburg Township School District.

Services for ALL Students

Maximize the potential of all learners to achieve rigorous standards for college and career readiness through differentiated instruction in the general academic program. Providing foundation skills and tools for discovering interests and building talents through school sponsored clubs.

Services for MANY Students

“Invitational” services to engage talents and interests in which many students might be involved, but not every student will  participate. Opportunities to participate are based on individual interests in interest clusters and invitational clubs.

Services for SOME Students

Small group and individual opportunities that respond to the learning needs of specific students based on a demonstration of a high-level of achievement, creativity and task commitment. Alternative opportunities that offer high level challenges for these students include the Gifted and Talented Enrichment (GATE) resource program.

Suzanne Updegrove,
Aug 31, 2016, 12:01 PM