Enrichment Days 2018-19:
Friday, December 21, 2018 and Thursday, May 23, 2019 (snow makeup 5/24)



Take the ReinsED1 2016-17

Enrichment Day 3: Adventure is Out There 2016

ED3: Guitar 3 Days to Play 2016

ED3 Flute Quartet 2016

ED3: Wallace House 2016

ED3 SuperBuddies 2016

Enrichment Day 2 2016

ENRICHMENT DAYS @ BCMS offers ALL students an opportunity for enrichment in an area of interest during the school day. 

The DEC 2018 SIGNUP FORM will be live November 6-16, 2018.

Enrichment DAYS "balance curriculum with regular, systematic enrichment opportunities that allow all students to develop their interests, abilities and learning styles". (Renzulli, n.d.). 

Mega-Jazz Band: Enrichment Day 2 2016

ALL students will receive a form in their BCMS email to sign up or may use the link above. If you do not complete a signup form, you will be placed in an open activity. If you will NOT be at BCMS for Enrichment Day, open the signup form and share attendance information on the last page.

Note: A BIG thank you to parents, community volunteers and PTO grant for adding to the variety of experiences for students! If you are interested in volunteering for Enrichment Days, submit a proposal form or contact Mrs. Updegrove, supdegrove@branchburg.k12.nj.us for more details.

Ukulele Jam: Enrichment Day 2 2016

Enrichment Day 23 Dec 2015.mp4

Click here for ENRICHMENT DAY  Evaluations.

Inside BCMS: Enrichment Day 2014

Schoolwide Enrichment opportunities will be offered and updated throughout the year.