Legacy Project: An Introduction

The 8th grade GATE program curriculum is based on the theme of Leadership. The legacy project is an opportunity to implement leadership skills through a real-world experience in the process of project management. To learn about leadership, the class is challenged to devise a project to benefit future students at BCMS.

2014: Fitness Room in 201A

The 2013-14 GATE8 class brainstormed ideas and incorporated suggestions from our principal before selecting the idea of a fitness center as their legacy project.

As part of the planning process, students visited the room, inventoried equipment, and discussed the steps necessary to complete the project as well as considering who would be able to benefit, cost and scheduling.

They then presented their proposal to school administrators, received feedback from the principal to conduct an interest survey of the staff and students and present their proposal and survey results to the Board of Education Facilities Committee.

The proposal was accepted and funded by the Board of Education as a building improvement project to be undertaken by the Buildings and Grounds staff in the Summer 2014 and completed in the Fall of 2014.

Class Documentation

BOE Presentation on 201A

201A Pre-Photo Album