Public resources

The Public resources line focuses on lobbying for more flexible conditions, resources and instruments provided by national governments so that they can be used in projects with stakeholders from across the border.


A lobby for innovation programmes for ELAt (with funding) is also important. Knowledge outside national borders is not fully used because public innovation programmes focus predominantly within national borders. This is one reason why ELAt regions are still separate systems. Breakthroughs are necessary. Therefore, we have to draw conclusions on innovation policy learning and cooperation practices and provide recommendations for future action in the public domain.

Action focus

  • Enable the cross-border availability of public funding for research and innovation projects with cross-border partners:

- Create an inventory of collaboration projects that where limited/hindered due to cross border obstacles
- Create a top 10 of changes and dovetailing in legislation and regulation that will help cross-border cooperation and foster innovation, addressing this in the framework of the letters of intent between the governmental authorities of the Netherlands, Flanders and North Rhine-Westphalia.


  • Foster the use and transferability of knowledge vouchers. Knowledge vouchers are useful instruments for SMEs to gain access to the knowledge that is available within knowledge institutes. This instrument will be more effective when companies are able to tap into knowledge available within knowledge institutes in the ELAt region.


  • Enable cross-border linking of multilateral public funding by dovetailing the timing, criteria, etc, of measures and resources that foster collaboration in innovation.


  • Address and create breakthroughs in the IP ownership question and ‘taxpayer’s dilemma’ in publicly funded cross-border research projects.