The goal of the Marketing line is to improve the marketing of the ELAt concept and to provide the partners with an ELAt context that supports the promotion of the ELAt regions as well as raise the profile of ELAt and its sub-regions as a perfect business location for high quality, high-tech companies and institutes. 

Presence in international clusters and global research networks is crucial but it is equally important to attract foreign companies and excellent researchers to locate within our region. This requires scientific excellence, critical mass and a better promotion of the region, as well as good work-living conditions and quality of the surroundings. The need for a better marketing of the cross-border region is aknowledged.


Marketing will make ELAt more visible. It can also strengthen the ELAt sub regions, companies and institutes; they can use ELAt strengths to strengthen their own profile. The idea of using a larger context for individual marketing communication (by a company, university, research organisation, cluster or sub-region) is embraced by many stakeholders. The distinctive features of ELAt, like the innovation ecosystem, the High Tech and LifeTec clusters, the enormous quality and capacity in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary engineering generate a message that can be used by many organisations: ELAt, ENGINEERING THE FUTURE!


Action focus

  • Marketing toolbox

Establish a distinctive ELAt marketing and communication message. The uniqueness and distinctive features of ELAt as a whole are based on multidisciplinary and engineering qualities and capabilities. Because of the diversity of the applications in which these qualities are applied, ELAt faces some difficulty in being identified with one single application area. Taking this into account the ELAt proposition is best captured in ‘ENGINEERING THE FUTURE’

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