Entrepreneurship (VEC)

The ELAT Virtual Entrepreneurship Center was founded in 2009 by entrepreneurship researchers from the universities of Aachen, Eindhoven, Hasselt, Leuven, Liège and Maastricht. The goal is to jointly develop research, education and practice tools in high-tech entrepreneurship.


The ELAT VEC follows six research streams:

  • Team composition (lead partner: Aachen)
  • Effectuation (lead partner: Eindhoven)
  • Business models (Strategic Innovation Database) (lead partner: Hasselt)
  • Institutional characteristics and regional dynamics / university-firm relationships and location choice (high-tech clusters) (lead partner: Leuven)
  • Technology entrepreneurship and academic spin-offs (lead partner: Liege)
  • Personal network and background of the entrepreneur / entrepreneurial cognition, education and learning (lead partner: Maastricht)

Funded by: EU logos (tbd with Eindhoven)