Connecting ELAt

This line focuses on fostering the concept of proximity and the investment in physical infrastructure (road, rail, fibre) in ELAt to improve the internal accessibility and the connection to European gateways.

A high-quality infrastructure is an important condition for the success of ELAt. It makes it easier to connect knowledge that is available within the ELAt nodes. What’s more, a high quality infrastructure enlarges the labour market. More critical mass and more career opportunities will be the result. This makes the region more attractive for knowledge workers. Access to knowledge and a strong labour market are both very important for the competitiveness of ELAt.


Action focus

• Planning for the Eindhoven-Belgium N69 road connection 
• High Speed Train connections 
• ‘Spartacus’ public transport Hasselt-Eindhoven
• ‘Brain-Train’ Aachen-Jülich
• Light rail Maastricht-Hasselt