Integrative Psychiatry

DR. COLE IS NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS.                 __________________________________________________________________________

After much consideration, I have made the difficult decision to close my integrative psychiatry practice, BrainEnergyMD.  My spouse was involved in a motor vehicle accident.  Her path to recovery is anticipated to be a protracted one which requires my near constant physical presence.  Under the circumstances, I am unable to continue to provide timely and quality care that you have every right to expect.

Although there are no psychiatrists in the Columbus area who do what I do, I can heartily recommend two individuals who provide holistic care and are familiar with functional medicine:


Patty Shipley, N.D., R.N.                                                         Anup Kanodia, M.D.

Leaves of Life                                                                          5003 Pine Creek Dr.

7720 Rivers Edge Dr. Ste 121                                                   Westerville, OH 43081

Columbus, OH 43235                                                               614-524-4527                                 


As far as psychiatric care, I can only recommend that you consult with your health insurance company to find someone with whom you can continue management of medication.

This is a very difficult decision for me on one hand, but on the other, there was no question of what the right choice was going to be. My spouse has made it possible for me to offer the quality of care I have provided my patients for so long, and now it is my privilege to be there for her.

I wish you the best of luck in your wellness journey.

Dr. Cole